Family and early lifeEdit

He was born in Antalya with Türkmen,Turkish & Kurdish heritage. His father was Sabri Yörük, a member of the Secular bureaucracy, an examining magistrate born in Isparta, and his mother was Oli Hanım, daughter of Armenian father. Due to his father's assignments, the family moved from one city to another. Thus,Cem Yörük completed his primary education in Sivas.

Er Parti Era

Cem Yörük is a High School Graduate with no higher education becase after the Islamic Devrim he was banned from entering higher education due to his father. ==Er Parti Erra == "Er Parti" is the name given to an alleged clandestine, Kemalist ultra-nationalist organization in Tırkey with ties to members of the country's miltary and security forces. The group is accused of terrorism in Turkey.

The Group is belived to have up to 10.000 members who are all highly monitered to stop the out side world learn anything about the organazation.

Its agenda has variously been described as Eurasianist,secularist and isolationist. The defendants portray themselves as defenders of secularism, and national sovereignty. According to the indictment, the group's claim to legitimacy is that it allegedly protects national interests, which the defendants believe are incompatible with the rule of the Islamic Governemtn. In Turkey, the extensions of the state—the establishment—that are considered responsible for this are referred to as the "deep state".

Cem Yörük had joined this movment in his youth during the age of 21 while in the grouphe quikly went up in ranks thanks to his charisma,silver tounge and his iron fist. After 12 years in the organazation true luck and hard work Cem reached the top council of Er parti being one of the 5 leading members.

In 1983 it was decided that he would be the head of a newly created pupet party for Er parti,the Saadet ve Barış Partisi.The party is almost entierly full of Er PArti members who now dominate the parliment.


==Presidentsy Era ==

As a President he has been considered a great reformer and a hard line liberal.Loved by the media and more modern Turks and minoraty groups he is a hated figure among clergy and the conservative class.

So far his actions have destroyed Muslim superiorty with in the Republic seeming as if his main goal is to set up a secular state.He is known to favor miltaristic options for the occupied parts of Turkey and seeking closer relations with Comunist and secularist states.

he is knwon to be a Fan of the USA while being a personel fan of Daniel Lee of the CSA.

==As a Person == He is known to be extreamly competative.During times of high stress while not knwon to the world he is known to be violent and unpredictable at times according to a former aid He would come home and just start crying it is rumored that he destroyed a original Piccaso hanging in the Presidental palace when inraged.

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