Björn Nittmo
Position: Prime Minister
Term Start: 8 October 1988
Term End:
Predecessor: Ingvar Carlsson
Party: Moderate

Björn Nittmo is a Swedish polician. He is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden, and leader of the Moderate Party. He has been Prime Minister since 1988.

Early LifeEdit

Björn was born on October 3, 1945. Solna municipality, just north of the capital city of Stockholm. He was the child of father Frederik and mother Anna. He was the second child of three; his older brother Lars is 2 years his senior, his younger daughter Lena was born when Björn was three. The family was considered upper-middle class, and Björn lived well throughout his childhood, in the years directly following World War II.

There have been many stories to attempt to explain Nittmo's disdain for communism. His father was a political activist for the Social Democratic Party and was notably against the policies of the time by the Right-Wing Party. Another, lighter, and more debatable theory is that Björn's favorite dog was run over by a Communist Party van, a moderately popular party at the time.

The teenage Björn was not active in politics or government by any means. His dream was instead to become a professional footballer. When he was cut from the school team, he entered a blue period he would not recover from until he was in his early twenties.

Falling-out and Political CareerEdit

Björn attended Stockholm University, where under the pressure of his father he majored in political science. Although he held no special interest in politics before university, he certainly was active in his government afterward. However, Björn found himself to be not as leftist as his father, and against his wishes he ran for local office in Stockholm at 23 as a member of the Right-Wing Party. Björn would lose the office, but would win it two years later.

After that election, however, Frederik and Björn have had a sort of falling-out. They have not spoken since, and it is not known where Frederik is currently living, or even if he is alive. There are rumours that he is living in the Finnish SSR or in East Germany.

Björn, after spending eight years as representative in Stockholm's council, decided to run for a position in the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) with the renamed Moderate Party in 1976. He won without much contest, having built a good reputation in Stockholm. Through ten years of being an example to follow in the body, he won the nomination for party leader in a tight competition.

Prime MinistershipEdit

The 1988 elections were tightly contested, with both parties highly interested in the results of an election up-in-the-air. However, some people, including Nittmo himself, contend that it was Nittmo's personality that nearly won the Moderates the majority in the Riksdag alone in a clouded political scene. During his first two years in office, Nittmo has done little in terms of foreign policy, instead choosing to focus on internal economic development.