• Phydias

    Well, well

    May 20, 2011 by Phydias

    The Qpawn Wiki really fell into disrepair, didn't it?

    Well, I'm giving it a shot now, organising, updating, creating some new articles, provinding links,... One thing I can't seem to edit though is those 4 lists on the top. If I could, I most certainly would!

    If anyone is reading (surprise me!), and knows how to change those things, let it be known!

    I'm a supporter of a good wiki, and I hope that when I'm done with it, Moderators will link to it again and start using it. Seriously, there are still interesting articles here, and nobody is linking to them. Moreso, seeing everyone can contribute freely (it IS a wiki), this can become a great source of info with just a very tiny bit of goodwill from some people. It really isn't that time consumin…

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