United Central African Republic

Central African Republic

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Anthem: Land of Freedom
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Government: Senatory republic
Leader: Francois Bozize
Formation: Republic- 19th January 1972
Area: km2
Population: 36,380,346 (Jan 1990)
GDP: $306.06

Brief History Edit

The United Central African Republic is a union of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Angola and Zambia. This was in response to the annexation of the Central African Republic by the Democratic People’s Republic of Africa. Fearing a communist invasion from the north the four countries banded together to provide a strong united front against the other large nations that were forming in Africa.

Government & Politics Edit

Government Structure Edit

The Country is administered by a Senate. Each senator has a constituency in one of the four provinces. New Congo, Old Congo, Gabon and Angola all are based on the former borders of the old countries. Each province has a Provincial Governor that oversees the needs of the province as a whole.

Political Parties Edit

There are three political parties in the country.

Current Administration Edit

State President Francois Bozize was elected President in January 1990 by a majority of 72%. These results have been disputed by opposition parties, pointing to the rediculous claimed majority of Bozize as evidence of obvious electorial fraud.

  • State President: Francois Bozize
  • Agriculture Minister: Jefro Helin
  • Communications Minister: Jeremy Freta
  • Correctional Services: Malcom Kiloe
  • Culture Minister: Michael Abgae
  • Defense Minister: Vernon Grear
  • Education Minister: Helen Heziz
  • Finance Minister: Pier Viett
  • Foreign Affairs Minister: Lamia Tsiba
  • Health Minister: Janet Frio
  • Home Affairs Minister: Marcus Ziel
  • Intelligence Services: William Jugael
  • Justice Minister: Ellen Jackson
  • Labour Minister: Mary Jefro
  • Mineral and Energy Minister: Omari Makoni
  • Public Works Minister: Deo Dondo
  • Safety and Security Minister: Wa Yoweri
  • Science and Technology Minister: Nyokato Ndango
  • Trade & Industry Minister: Erisa Gasana
  • Transport Minister: Kigeri Yuhi
  • Water Affairs Minister: Chipako Kaite

Previous Administrations Edit

Economy Edit

Overview Edit

Principle Industries Edit

  • Mining
  • Oil
  • Machinery
  • Textiles
  • Iron and steel
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Foodstuffs
  • Fish processing

Economic Snapshot Edit

GDP Total: $306.06 (Jan 1990)

GDP/Capita: $8,413 (Jan 1990)

Demographics Edit

Total Population: 36,380,346 (Jan 1990)

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