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Anthem: International
Map of DPRI
Capital: Naples
Official Language: Italian
Demonym: Italian
Government: Communist State
Leader: Reko Strabo
Formation: 1948
Area: 111,900 km² km2
Population: 19,681,138 (June 1993)
GDP: GDP 195,21 Billion (June 1993)
Currency: Lira
Timezone: CET (UTC+1)

Brief Description

The Democratic People's Republic of Italy is a Communist State in southern Italy, Europe.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall.


Following the Padanian declaration of independence in 1948, Italy's political landscape changed dramatically as a large portion of Italy's right-wing parties had been absorbed into the new nation. As a result, the largest and most powerful political party in the country was the Italian Communist Party. The PCI (Partita communista italiana) quickly gained control of government through elections held in April 1948 – the fairness of which has since been strongly disputed - and have held it ever since, in large part due to Soviet political interference within the nation. The nation's administrative capital was moved to Naples in October 1948.

Although Italy was never fully absorbed into the USSR, Moscow holds a tremendous amount of sway in the country. The Republic of Italy added 'Democratic People's' into its name in January 1952, as well as outlawing all other parties. The country's economy relies almost entirely on trade with fellow Communist countries, but its Soviet-made military is strong.

The status of Catholicism as an institution in Italian society has been highly ambiguous. While the Catholic Church is officially banned in the country, the Italian government demands that all Italian "Catholics" must be loyal to the State, and that worship must legally be conducted through State-approved churches (belonging to the "Italian Catholic Patriotic Association"); this way, Catholics are pressured to break communion with the Holy See by requiring them to renounce an essential belief in Catholicism, the primacy of the Roman Pontiff. Catholics loyal to the Pope - of which there are many - currently worship clandestinely, out of fear of imprisonment.


The Partita communista italiana has been the only legally permitted political party since 1952. Its leadership is selected on a five-yearly basis by the Party Congress.


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Leader Method of Departure
Reko StraboIncumbent.
Giampiero Caruso De NotoResignation.
Mario SanchezResignation


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Diplomatic InformationEdit

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