Khemkhaeng Sundaravej Edit

Khemkhaeng Sundaravej is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom Of Thailand.

Personal Life

Khemkhaeng was born In June 1920, He is currently 70 years old. He was born in Bangkok, he had 5 brothers and sisters (3 sisters, 2 brothers) but sadly only 2 remain alive today, they are His sister Irsa (68) and his brother Chanarong (71). He married when he was 22 to his wife Phailin (70). He has one male child called Aroon Sundaravej (40). Khemkhaeng and his wife are both vegetarians,also neither drink alcohol and are strongly Buddhist. They also both have the highest amount of respect for the King Of Thailand who they were both lucky enough to have met at one ocassion. Khem is not as slow paced as you might think for his age, he is actually very active and he is not one for patience. He always gives everyone a chance but asseses everyone he meets carefully, he can be forgiving but is likley to remember any "arguments" between him and others. Khemkhaeng is well educated and is fluent in 3 languages, Thai, English and Malay. He enjoys reading, chess and meditation. Before going into Politics he was a Chef, he can still cook brilliant meals today.

Political Life

Khemkhaeng has had many political jobs before becoming pm including, Member of Parliment, Diplomat To Malaysia, Ambassador To Malaysia, Deputy Minister of Interior , Minister Of Interior, Governor Of Bangkok, Prime Minister Of Thailand.


Now Khemkhaeng has setteled into his job as Prime Minister, he is looking forawrd to strengthening relations with other nations, especially other PACFORCE Nations, he hopes that he can serve Thailand well and make life better for Thai citizens.