The Republic of Liberia


Anthem: Glory to the Good
Capital: Monrovia
Official Language: English
Demonym: Liberian
Government: Republic
Leader: Grand Chancellor Richard Brown
Formation: pro-WWII
Area: 111,369 km² km2
Population: 3,489,072
GDP: $1.6 billion
Currency: USD
Timezone: GMT

Liberia is a small, African country most noteable for its German Reich insignia. Over the past 30 to 40 years, the leadership has been strongly right-winged and very anti-semetic. In late 1992, following the ideals of the National Socialist Founders of Liberia Richard Brown ousted Arthur Tubman as National and party Leader. 'Grand Chancellor' Brown as he is known as has signalled his intent on reforming the state to increase the countries prestige and power. The Chancellor has targeted unemployment, crime, poverty and the economy as his first targets in his new agenda.

Liberia has a Mutual Defene Pact with the African Freedom Federation and Morocco, enjoys friendly relations with South Africa and the Ethiopian Empire. Liberia is neutral to the Arab People's Jamahirya and Sudan and Algeria. Furthermore they are hostile with the Democratic People's Republic of Africa. They have also been given United States backing.

Attempted coup d'etatEdit

In December 1991, there was an unsuccesful coup d'etat attempt that was suspectedly committed by the National Democratic Union. In light of this event the Liberian Government has taken a hard stance against insurgency and that is said to continue through the Regal administration.