Huzz is a 23 year-old Qpawn player from Sydney, Australia. He currently mods as Qpawn Africa

Mathijs is a 21 year old Qpawn player from the Netherlands. His current character is King Mishaal of Saudi Arabia

Nathan is a 16 year old player from Moray, Scotland. His current character is Alexander Raddek of the USSR

TombolaG is a 12 year old player from Milton, Southern England. His current character is Boris Tadic from Serbia, 2009 Round.

Wordsmith is a 29 year old player from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA.

Jakius is a 15 year old former player from Boston who had it all and lost it.

Monica is a 17 year old player from Toledo, Ohio. She is currently the only female on Qpawn

Stamps is a 25 year old player from Tucson, Arizona. He is currently playing as Tong Zhao Kuo of 2009 China.

Bruce is a 19 year old player from Maaseik, Belgium. He is currently not playing a country.

Abdul is a 17 year old player from Los Angeles, California, USA. His current player is Michael Ignatieff of 2009 Canada.

DrGateway is a 24 year old player from Louisville Kentucky, USA. His current player is [N/A]].