President of the Italian Republic

Primary Power Base: People of Freedom (In government)

Rise to Power: After President Giorgio Napolitano was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he was forced to step down and snap elections were held to decide the next President of the Italian Republic. In 2006, Luigi Galvani was frequently suggested for the office of President of the Italian Republic, but was not successful in receiving the nomination of the center-left majority coalition. After Napolitano stepped down, the snap elections went in favor of Galvani in a land slide as the Republic was looking for another strong People of Freedom leader who could adequately replace President Napolitano.


- Strengthen Italy as an economic and military power throughout the world and at home in Europe and end their traditionally isolationist policy that they have kept since the fall of Fascism at the end of WWII. (I know, it may not be totally realistic, but it's at least feasible.)

- Attain Presidency of the EU.

- Unify Italia Irredenta. (My "way out their" goal.)