The Kingdom of Sardinia


Anthem: Free Italy Free
Capital: Cagliari
Official Language: Italian and English
Demonym: Sardinian
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
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Formation: Ceasion from Italy 1 January 1949
Act of Union with Tuscany 14 Feburary 1949
Area: Total: 47,080km 2

Sardinia: 24,090 km 2

Tuscany: 22,990 km 2 km2

Population: 5,156,976 (Jan 1990)
GDP: $91.00 (Jan 1990)
Currency: Sardinia Pound (£)
Timezone: GMT +1




The Kingdom's major parties are; Sardinian Reformers (liberal, Christian-Democratic in government), Sardinian Democratic Union, (christian democratic, socially conservative, British integrationists, official opposition), Sardinian Action Party (progressive, social liberalism).

Power has traditionally passed hands between the SR and the SDU in recent decades, although the emerging SAP is steadily gaining power. The SR currently holds a majority in government and its political system is based on the Westminster model.

Brief HistoryEdit

Ousted from Italy in the Risorgimento, the House of Savoy made a comeback in popularity on the island of Sardinia following the end of World War II. Padanian and Papal independence alongside a newly Communist Italy led to growing discontent on the traditionally right-wing Sardinia.

Staunch public support led to secession from Italy and the restoration of the Savoy monarchy. Prince Vittorio Emanuele was declared King Vittorio Emanuele III of Sardinia in January 1949, and a petition for union from the on remaining Northern Italian region of Tuscany was granted in February of that year to form the restored Kingdom of Sardinia. Strong economic support was granted from the United Kingdom to guarantee the financial survival of the fledgling country.

As a result, modern day Sardinia has no military of its own. It is militarily protected by the UK, which has a series of bases in the country. The United States also has a base in Tuscany. British influence on the country is strong, with a huge number of British ex-pats living on the island and the status of English has risen to share official language status with Italian. There is a small movement for official absorption into the UK.

The country has a fairly respectable economy, and it is predominantly Catholic.


King Vittorio Emanuele IV

Born February 12, 1937 from the House of Savoy. Became King of Sardinia on the 1st January 1949.

Prime MinistersEdit

Clemente Mastella (SR) (1986 - April 1990)

Mario Segni (SR) (April 1990 - present)